Wool padding



Wool padding

To create a "breathing" healthy sleeping environment, of course, wool is the most skin-friendly and breathing natural fiber. Because the protein that makes up wool is the same as the protein of the outer layer of human skin, wool has natural skin-friendly properties, and the bedding made of it is naturally suitable for all seasons, comfortable and safe.


Increase deep sleep - According to authoritative agency tests, wool bedding can lead to more than 25% of the deep sleep time, keep the heart rate slow and steady and maintain a better micro-environment close to the skin.

Moisture absorption and dryness, warm in winter and cool in summer - wool can absorb 35% of its own weight in water vapor without feeling wet, while the human body will expel a lot of water during sleep, and the unique molecular structure of wool can absorb water vapor into the porous structure , and quickly excreted from the body, keep warm and dry when cold, breathable and cool when hot, and ensure the best temperature close to the skin during sleep: 32.7 degrees, which is very similar to the best sleeping temperature of the human body's best surface of 33 degrees.

Fluffy and soft without hardening - wool has a natural elasticity of at least 40%, and the wool can recover more than 90% of its original thickness after being compressed, so that it remains elastic and soft for a long time without hardening.

Natural flame retardant, safe and reliable - wool is not easy to spot, it is not easy to release a lot of heat when burning, produce open flame, do not melt, and can resist violent combustion, so it is very safe.

Dust-proof resistance, anti-bacterial and anti-mite-because of strong hygroscopicity, it is not easy to generate static electricity, so dust and dirt are not easy to adhere to; before releasing water vapor to the outside, it absorbs moisture into its own fibers, reducing the risk of dust mites. Life cycle, so wool bedding is very suitable for infants, asthma, rheumatism and the elderly.

Wool/cashmere spray-bonded cotton/needle-punched cotton, can be quilted directly.

The product weight is from 80g/m2---500g/m2, and the door width is within 2.4m.

Product Features:

1. Delicate feel, soft and close to the body

2. Good throw, excellent elasticity

3. Washable, no drilling

4. Excellent thermal insulation performance

5. Environmentally friendly and natural

Scope of application: high-grade cotton clothes, high-grade quilts, sleeping bag cotton, mattresses