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Down like fiber


Down like fiber (micro-polyester staple fiber, 0.78dtex*32mm silicon), soft and slender like natural down, has been processed and can be directly used as quilts or clothing, pillows, excellent warmth and fluffy, can also be used with Mixing with natural down greatly reduces costs.

Down like fiber (micro-denier with silicon fibers) Micro-fiber silicon

Product performance

  • Feather-like soft feel

  • Feather-like lightness

  • Excellent thermal insulation

  • Ultra-fine hand and excellent hand smoothness

  • Excellent elasticity

  • Features that look like down after opening

  • Feather-like comfort when made into clothing or bedding

Product Usage

  • Down like fiber with fine denier silicon fiber 0.78dtex*32mm is mainly used to replace down. After being opened by a cotton card clothing opener or carding machine, it can be used as a filler for pillow core, cushion, quilt and cold protection after being opened by a blowing process. wait

  • Down like fiber with fine denier silicon fiber 0.78dtex*51mm is mainly used to make high-grade clothing quilt, imitation goose cotton, imitation silk cotton, high-grade non-woven fabric, directly laying net or mixed with other hollow fibers and then laying net to make high-grade silk quilt .