JINYU FIBER® Insulation Non-Recycled material filler series


Variety of styles and functionality

Product Series

Filling flakes

  1. Resin padding

  2. A/H padding (Air Hole)

  3. F/T padding (Feather Touching)

  4. L/D padding (Low Dennier)

  5. N/P (Needle Punched nonwoven)

  6. Enzyme resin padding

  7. Function padding: Hygroscopic fever, far infrared, bamboo charcoal, antibacterial, binchotan, oyster cotton, etc.

Imitation down filling material

  1. Down like fiber, bright color, easily blow by machine

  2. Virgin Down like fiber, high puffy, easily blow by machine

  3. MINIBALL® Fiber


  5. Colorful Down like fiber