Jinsulate® Insulation Recycled material filler series


The recycled insulation of Jinsulate® made with high-quality raw material, That made from a variety of reclaimed materials, including post-consumer pl- astics, post industrial waste, and even fabrics. GRS Authentication system e- nsures that recycled fibers are traceable, transparent, and certifiably sustain- able. Jinsulate® make us participate in environmental protection together to make life better.


one plastic bottle 600cc = carbon reduction 25.2g = oil saving 0.52cc = water saving 88.6cc

Environmentally friendly.

Reduce the consumption of petroleum.

Reduce pollution of air.water and soil.

Extend landfill life time.

Reduce the toxic substances produced.


Product Series

Filling flakes 

  1. Recycle Resin padding

  2. Recycle A/H padding(Air Hole)

  3. Recycle F/T padding(Feather Touching)

  4. Recycle N/P (Needle Punched nonwoven)

Imitation down filling material

  1. Recycle Down like fiber, bright color, easily blow by machine

  2. Recycle  Down like fiber, high puffy, easily blow by machine

  3. Recycle Ball Fiber